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Teligistics' full cycle management of our clients telecom expenses typically result in a 40% overall savings, with immediate impact and improved process controls.

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  • Savings of up to 40%
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"Best Practices" for telecom expense management starts with effective strategic sourcing of telecom contracts. Sourced properly, telecom contracts should make vendor management of your telecom providers much easier for the Enterprise by having the contract language in place to control the performance of the telecom vendor in all aspects of the relationship, including costs.

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Teligistics is involved in daily negotiations with global telecom providers renewing contracts, drafting amendments, initiating RFP's or reverse auctions, providing Rapid Deploy RFQ's or advising clients on current benchmarking or sourcing strategies.

Strategic sourcing of your telecom contracts are an integral part of a "Best Practices" approach to effective telecom lifecycle management . Proof of Teligistics' effectiveness in strategic sourcing is demonstrated by our 98% re-engagement rate. Teligistics' telecom sourcing strategies significant reduces or eliminates the common risk exposures inherent in telecom contracts while historically reducing costs by over 40%. In the vast majority of engagements, the direct savings enjoyed by our clients from Teligistics' negotiated agreements more than pay for the cost of the project in both direct and indirect associated savings.

Put our $6 Billion in contract negotiation expertise to work for you!

If you need expert telecom sourcing, take time to contact Teligistics today at 281-296-2455 or 800-530-1063 or .


Featured Article:

Procure the Best Deal on Telecom Services with a Sample RFP Response from Teligistics

[Posted on Sep 24]

In order to procure the best deal for the telecom services that you need, you have to know how to create a professional grade request for pricing or proposal. Of course, many companies have no one on staff these days that offers this experience. Teligistics helps those companies to procure better telecom contracts with Telibid. Telibid is an online application that will provide you with Sample RFP response templates that enable you to choose the very best telecom provider offering. If you are not experienced in crafting an RFP or RFP response, these templates will enable you to create professional requests.

Teligistics understands that not every company has someone on staff with experience in telecom procurement. We offer a range of services that are designed to help companies experience a better telecom deal. Telibid offers key features that you will not find in any other sourcing software or application including customizable templates for all typical telecom services. We also offer TEAM which is a telecom expense management platform that is completely web-based and easy to use. TEAM can help you to save as much as 10 percent or more on your telecom costs by simply doing away with billing errors and late fees.

Crafting a professional grade Telecom RFP does not have to be a difficult task. Telibid offers templates that will enable you to create professional requests for pricing which in turn provides you with a bit of leverage against telecom providers who typically offer terms that are a bit one sided. We help you to turn the tables and ensure that the benefit of your telecom service agreement is on your side. With many years of experience in the industry, we offer the skills and resources needed to help you to procure a more satisfying contract.

If you are looking to source or procure a telecom contract agreement, we can ensure that you get the very best deal possible. We are leaders in the telecom procurement industry and offer a wealth of experience. We have helped clients to save as much as 40 percent or more on their telecom contract costs and offer professional negotiation to help you to get the terms that you want from your current provider. Feel free to browse our website to learn more about our Telibid and TEAM applications or contact us directly at Teligistics to speak with a qualified telecom consultant today.

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