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Teligistics' full cycle management of our clients telecom expenses typically result in a 40% overall savings, with immediate impact and improved process controls.

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  • Savings of up to 40%
  • Online Expense Management Tools
  • Full visibility on your spend

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Teligistics Can Negotiate a
“World Class” Telecom Contract for Your Company

Telecom providers have historically structured their contracts to be one-sided. A typical telecom contract will protect the “holy grail” of telecom providers, which is the dreaded “revenue commitment”. There are serious risk mitigation strategies that need to be considered during the telecom contract negotiation process. Since Teligistics has sourced over $6 Billion in telecom contracts representing thousands of contracts, no one is in a better position to advise clients how to avoid or minimize these risks.

Teligistics tracks important trends, contract terms and pricing to maintain a database for benchmarking purposes for their clients. Teligistics conducts contract negotiations with telecom providers globally on a daily basis. Compare this to the average enterprise-level IT team or Supply Chain department who may negotiate these contracts every couple of years? This is a core business for Teligistics and nobody does it better! This is why Teligistics repeat engagement rate for the re-sourcing of contracts when they become due to term is over 98%!

Teligistics can also implement, manage and create telecom rfp (request for pricing). Substandard RFP and RFQ processes can lead organizations to spend about 40 to 55 percent higher than market available rates and pricing. With Teligistics' telecom lifecycle management, clients can experience at least a 42 percent savings and see an immediate impact on their costs.

Also, the benefits from hiring Teligistics do not end there. They also have TEAM™, a web-based online portal that lays out all aspects of telecom expenses, payables, circuit inventories and customized reporting. Companies can gain control of their telecom expenses through this magnificent telecom expense management tool.

For more about Teligistics' telecom contract negotiating or to obtain a no-obligation demo of the TEAM™ application, just call 281-296-2455 or 800-530-1063 or



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