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Teligistics' full cycle management of our clients telecom expenses typically result in a 40% overall savings, with immediate impact and improved process controls.

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  • Savings of up to 40%
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Teligistics Offers Solutions
for Telecom Expense Management

Companies that are faced with the management and the verification of billing for telecom services sometimes find it difficult to undertake such a complex task. Some lack the knowledge base and resources required to effectively manage this endeavor. Teligistics offers a web-based online telecom expense management through a patented tool called TEAM™ (Telecom Expense & Asset Management platform). With this innovative tool, companies can have just about all aspects of telecom services professionally managed including:

  • Inventory
  • Costs
  • Contracts
  • Assets
  • Circuits
  • MACDS (Moves, adds, changes and disconnects)
  • Telephone Bill Auditing and processing monthly telecom invoices

Through the Teligistics' TEAM™ software, telecom expense management is accomplished by giving you absolute visibility into your telecom spends. Whether it is long distance, Internet access, Wide Area Network (WAN/LAN), local services, audio conferencing or wireless, companies can have a complete view into what is coming and going into their telecom services through a sophisticated web-based portal. Through Enterprise Mobility Management with TEAM™, you can have customized and categorized spend reports that allow you to see every last detail right down to the invoice level, even with wireless invoices. Telecom expense management with TEAM™ places the ability in your hands to better keep track of telecom spends and better streamline their budgets.

A complete inventory of your contracts and circuits are loaded and maintained through TEAM™ for the purpose of baselining when auditing an invoice before you pay one penny! Also, Teligistics will allocate invoices based on your formulas for processing payments. Discrepancy reports are produced by Teligistics so invoice errors can be tracked and all credits and refunds can be facilitated on the client's behalf. In addition, since Teligistics' TEAM™ telecom expense management services are a web-based user friendly portal, companies do not have to purchase a license and there is no confusing or difficult software to learn or implement.

Teligistics believes that the key to any best practice concept in telecom expense management is to have a well-structured telecom lifecycle management policy in place. Having an organized telecom agreement in place is a key factor to this. Teligistics negotiates flexible contracts with telecom service providers using risk mitigation without being punitive. This is necessary to account for any downsizing and restructuring. These contracts will need to be negotiated regularly otherwise the carrier negotiating team will have a leveraged advantaged. Teligistics knows the keys to negotiating contacts effectively and securing a world class agreement.

Request for pricing ( telecom RFP ) is a core-competency at Teligistics. As of 2011, they have procured more than $6 billion in telecom contracts for hundreds of clients. In addition, project management is also available for clients through Teligistics. Telecom expense management is something a company can hardly do without in today's market. Teligistics offers smart solutions for your telecom expenses. Contact them today for a no-obligation at 281-296-2455 or 800-530-1063 or .


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