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Teligistics' full cycle management of our clients telecom expenses typically result in a 40% overall savings, with immediate impact and improved process controls.

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  • Savings of up to 40%
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Strategically Source Your Telecom Contracts with an Online RFP using Telibid™

The most effective and ideal method for strategically procuring or sourcing telecom services is with a formal professional-grade RFP (request for pricing/proposal). Teligistics, a global leader in the strategic sourcing of Enterprise-level and Wholesale telecom agreements have put their subject-matter expertise and $6+ Billion of successfully negotiated telecom contracts experience into Telibid™.

Telecom sourcing and contract negotiation has been a core-competency of Teligistics for many years, including the award of a U.S. Patent for the methodology to analyze telecom carrier rate plans on a net-net basis in 2005. Fortune 500© clients have looked to Teligistics for "World Class" contract terms and rates since 1999. View US Patent No.: 6,885,987 B1

The key to obtaining "World Class" terms and rates is having the proper leverage in telecom deals. Conducting professional, precise, timely and innovative RFP's are the foundation in which that leverage is built.

Telibid™ allows us to strategically source telecom contracts for clients and streamline the processes more efficiently. Telibid™ has key features and benefits not found in any other sourcing software or application including:

  • Easy to use and customizable RFP templates for all typical telecom services, including Local dial tone, wireless/mobility, long distance, VoIP, Internet, MPLS, Managed Services and SIP trunking.
  • Reverse Auction Option - conduct your RFP with a Reverse Auction format! Be sure to demo this application! It results in huge savings!
  • Developed by telecom subject-matter experts (over $6+ Billion in telecom contract sourcing exercises)
  • Telibid™ offers a complete financial analysis of the RFP responses based on the only U.S. Patent for telecom rate plan analysis methodology in the industry!
  • Real time tracking of vendor progress and rate entries.
  • Rapid-Deploy™ RFP, when you absolutely don't have time for a long and drawn out RFP process. Launch in days instead of weeks!
  • Telecom Decision Matrix™, the standard for SOX compliance regarding establishing an audit trail and justification for vendor contract awards.

Telibid also has a fully-managed RFP option or license model, which the client can decide which one suits them the best. Also, Telibid™ includes a "World Class" contract terms section. One of the biggest benefits for Telibid™ is that it has a guaranteed ROI scenario. Clients can view their own investment returns without the guesswork.

Teligistics uses a U.S. patented method and apparatus to help decipher and analyze telecom service provider rate plans as well as offerings. In all telecom RFP negotiations conducted by Teligistics, this methodology is used as well as for the invoice telephone bill auditing for TEAM™.

Teligistics developed the Telecom Decision Matrix™ that provides a customized solution for weighting an enterprise's criteria and securing responses from telecom service providers for a telecom RFP or bid proposal. Because of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, there are many publicly-traded enterprises that are in need of a logical and auditable process for appraising telecom RFP responses, telecom service providers and examining cost structures before a multi-million dollar telecom contract is awarded.

Teligistics' telecom RFP strategies are deployed rapidly so companies that are unable to perform the necessary data mining can have their RFP launched in a matter of days instead of weeks. Some enterprises find themselves having to quickly formulate, extend or evaluate telecom RFP responses when they are late in a contract term or after the contract has expired. The telecom RFP strategies implemented by Teligistics ensure that a more streamlined process will be the end result.

Teligistics also assists companies with the telecom contract negotiation process using increased risk mitigation measures. Teligistics' principals have served as expert witnesses in high-profile telecom contract and billing litigation. We are especially adept in workout scenario's where clients are in a shortfall penalty situation with their telecom vendors.
For more information or to set up a no-obligation Telibid™ demo, contact Teligistics at 281-296-2455 or 888-240-0712 or email Teligistics.


Featured Article:

Telecom RFP from Teligistics Helps Companies Choose the Best Contract Terms

[Posted on Sep 17]

In order to ensure that your company receives the best telecom deal possible, a request for pricing/proposal is necessary. Teligistics understands the plight of many companies in procuring a world class telecom contract arrangement. We can assist with your Telecom RFP to ensure that you get the best possible deal for the services that you require. Our Telibid application is the only one of its kind and offers key features that are not found in any other sourcing software or application. Telibid gives you templates that are customizable for all typical telecom services including wireless, long distance, local dial tone and many others. Using these templates, you can create an effective RFP to get the telecom deal that you want.

We offer contract negotiation services as well. We can negotiate your telecom contract on your behalf and ensure that you get the specific services that you need at a cost that you want. We are involved in daily negotiations with telecom providers from all over the world and currently have a 98 percent re-engagement rate. We possess the knowledge, experience and resources needed to help our clients to enjoy world class contract deals. In fact, we can help you to get contract terms that are typically reserved for only higher end deals. We have assisted many clients in saving up to 40 percent or more over their original telecom costs.

Our TEAM application gives you complete Telecom expense management in an easy to use platform. TEAM is a web-based platform that is easy to learn and use and requires no seat licensing fees. It gives you complete visibility into your telecom spending so you know exactly where your money is going. If you are spending money on things like billing errors or late fees, the platform will eliminate that spending and can help you to save as much as 10 percent or more over what you are currently paying.

Teligistics knows how difficult it can be to get the right contract terms and manage your telecom spending. Our Telibid and TEAM applications are designed to make your telecom management a bit easier for you. We can assist you in gaining the contract terms that you require while ensuring that you are not paying more than you should for telecom services. Feel free to browse our website to learn more about TEAM and Telibid or contact us directly at Teligistics and speak with a qualified telecom consultant about your needs today.

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