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Teligistics' full cycle management of our clients telecom expenses typically result in a 40% overall savings, with immediate impact and improved process controls.

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TEM or telecom expense management through Teligistics
helps companies gain control over their telecom expenses.

Teligistics Provides “Best in Class” TEM for Companies Who Want to Gain Control Over Telecom Expenses The complexities involved with attaining, managing and verifying billing for telecom services is quite overwhelming, especially for companies that are not furnished with the knowledge base and resources to control the costs. Teligistics can assist companies with TEM (telecom expense management) through their Telecom Expense & Management Platform or TEAM™, a web-based online portal. With this tool, companies in need of TEM will have their circuit inventory managed and obtain search and reporting capabilities. Their invoices will be allocated according to the allocation formula used by the company. Also, to help avoid late fees and disconnect notices, Teligistics implements a quick turn-around time. There is also an option for MACDs (moves, adds, changes and disconnects) Help Desk for a “Best Practices” centralized model for inventory changes. If telephone bill auditing errors are discovered, Teligistics will facilitate all of the credits and refunds that you have coming to you.

Companies can better control telecom costs when they have complete visibility into their telecom spends and the TEAM™ application provides a perfect solution. It gives them a clearer vision of their long distance, Internet, Wide Area Network (WAN/LAN), local services, audio conferencing or enterprise wireless expenses. Budgeting is a far easier process once you have all the details laid out in front of you in an understandable format. TEM with Teligistics is designed to give companies an overall view into their telecom expenses and ensure that all of the complex details involved with a telecom agreement are covered.

One of the best practices about TEM that Teligistics believes in is that a properly structured telecom has to be in place in order to function correctly. This starts with a good telecom contract negotiation for TEM. Teligistics has the tools needed to effectively negotiate with a telecom service provider and secure a world class agreement that is void of sub-par terms and conditions. Using risk mitigation due to the punitive nature of the agreements, Teligistics has proven to successfully negotiate flexible TEM contracts using their vast resources and expertise. Teligistics has secured more than $6 billion in telecom contracts (as of 2011). They also assist with telecom rfp and project management.

For a company to effectively manage their telecom expenses, proper TEM needs to be implemented. Teligistics has the solutions needed for companies to accomplish this goal. For more information or to get a no-obligation demo of the TEAM™ application, call 281-296-2455 or 800-530-1063 or .


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Get Effective and Easy TEM with TEAM from Teligistics

[Posted on Aug 30]

Many companies have no idea that they are paying more for telecom services than they should be paying. If you are not properly managing your telecom account, you may be surprised at the amount of unwarranted spending that goes through this account each billing period. Teligistics offers a viable solution to companies who need to control telecom spending. Our TEAM application gives you complete TEM, enabling you to save money on telecom costs. TEAM is an easy to use system that does not require hours of training time. The platform is completely web-based and is easy to learn so employees will be able to quickly get to work managing your telecom costs.

TEAM manages all aspects of your telecom account including local and long distance, internet, audio conferencing, wireless and others. Most companies do not realize that billing errors can add hundreds to a telecom bill each year. If you are not managing your contract, you may be charged for services that you are not using. TEAM will audit telephone bills and ensure that there are no errors before you pay. If an error is found, TEAM will facilitate refunds on your behalf, saving you money instantly. If you typically pay your telecom bill without looking to ensure that it is correct, you may be pleasantly surprised by the savings.

With complete Telecom expense management, you can save money that can be put to better use in other areas of your operations. TEAM will ensure that you do not pay late fees as well by providing reports quickly. Late fees and billing errors can account for as much as 10 percent or more of your overall bill. TEAM will save you this 10 percent, allowing you to enjoy a much lower telecom fee overall. TEAM requires no seat licensing fees and gives you 100 percent visibility into your telecom spending so you always know exactly where your money is going.

If you are not effectively managing your telecom spending, there is simply no telling how much money you are throwing away. Proper management is essential in ensuring that you are getting what you pay for. TEAM will enable you to better manage your telecom costs and provides an instant impact on these costs by eliminating unwarranted spending. Feel free to read more about how TEAM can help you to save money by browsing our website or contact us directly at Teligistics today.

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