Introducing Utility Expense Management

More Savings. More Visibility.

Teligistics understands that facility costs are typically some of the largest recurring expenditures.  Assessing the accuracy of these charges and identifying opportunities for savings is essential. Teligistics is now offering our services to help utility-related issues which will provide a significant opportunity for savings. Auditing your utility expenses is another step in understanding how to control your company’s operating expenses.

Unbeknownst to most consumers, it’s estimated that 80% of utility and service billing statements contain errors.  These minor billing errors can add up to substantial sums, costing your organization thousands of dollars. It is not your provider’s responsibility to notify you if a more beneficial structure, rate program, or opportunity is available to your business. That is where Teligistics’ team of skilled analysts can help.  We will identify these opportunities on your behalf, make appropriate changes and adjustments that will save your organization money on a monthly basis, and file for any possible refunds to maximize your audit results. Consequently, this will provide internal relief for your companies accounting department, eliminating data entry on billing and most importantly, optimizing cost.

Teligistics offers a central repository of all your utility agreements. We receive and process your invoices, forward the payment file to your organization, and from there you can pay the invoices. We can also manage resolution of all bill-related issues including previous balances, disputing late fees, locating missing bills, etc. Teligistics is passionate about serving our clients, helping them cut costs and provide the best solutions to fit their needs.

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