Without visibility into corporate wireless environments, many have experienced lost control of cost, inventory and strategic resources. That combined with a lack of wireless policies and reporting has caused the average cost per device to soar. Companies waste valuable resources managing wireless environments and depend on carriers to optimize for them which don’t always have their best interest.

With Enterprise Mobility Management Software, or EMM+™, you will be able to manage and have complete visibility into your environments. This allows for making better strategic decisions with the knowledge you have at your fingertips, in one central repository.

In your 40 minute demo of EMM+™, we’ll discuss the features that make managing wireless simple, strategic and optimal:

  • Central Reporting: harnesses all carriers in one central repository to uncover endless reporting analytics
  • Device Fulfillment: Track and validate inventory while saving money on equipment costs
  • Help Desk Support: One help desk for all wireless devices and carriers
  • Monthly Optimization: Save money on rate plans and help avoid any additional charges. Get your cost per device at $50 or below

Discover how you can take back control over wireless and strategically manage costs, inventory, and visibility. Fill out the form and a Wireless Expert will be in touch with you within 1 business day to schedule your live demo.