With multiple locations and services tied to those locations, companies lack a complete holistic view of inventory. Without that view, cost become out of control and resources are wasted trying to audit bills, dispute with carriers, and manage inventory. Suddenly, telecom becomes a tangled mess with no end in sight.

With Telecom Expense and Asset Management (TEAM™) your company can take back control of your wireline telecom environment. Finally have a comprehensive view into all locations, inventory and spend all while having bills completely audited.

In a 40 minute demo of TEAM™, we’ll discuss the features that is used to audit and save money while giving our customers a central repository for all telecom services.

  • Inventory Management: Have a detailed inventory for all locations. This will include; local, data, LD, conferencing, etc.
  • Central Repository: Not just for inventory but also contracts, bills, and ticketing systems.
  • Telecom Audit: TEAM™ captures all items on your bill and audits both to contracted rates and an active inventory we maintain.
  • ROI Guarantee: For over 15 years teligistics offers a 100% ROI Guarantee. The customer will never pay more than what we save.

Take control of your telecom spends. Have access to all information for all carriers in one central repository. Bring savings back to your bottom line and focus your resources on more strategic initiatives. Fill out the form and a Telecom Expense Management Expert will be in touch with you within 1 business day to schedule your live demo.