Optimal Telecom Expense Management 

Businesses across all industries are focused on controlling overhead expenses to counteract infrastructure sprawl—an almost necessary evil during the age of enterprise digitization. For the more than three-quarters of companies worldwide that are planning to embark on belt-tightening programs, per research from Deloitte, telecommunications costs are an immense issue. It is no secret that most organizations overspend on telecom services and products and depress their bottom lines in the process. While the techniques and tools telecom-attuned budget-slashers use to cut these costs vary, one particular item has emerged as the go-to resource: telecom expense management technology.

These solutions have become immensely popular in recent years, particularly among Fortune 1000 businesses, an estimated 94 percent of which leverage TEM platforms, according to IBM. Why are such systems so popular within the upper echelon of the enterprise community? They generate real return on investment by lending information technology stakeholders the backend transparency they need to right-size their telecom services and contracts and ultimately save money. However, not every TEM solution on the market can catalyze these results. Only best-in-class technology can facilitate the telecom cost reductions for which most modern organizations strive.

Unpacking best-in-class TEM technology

Most TEM platforms come equipped with robust features. That said, there are some software characteristics that separate merely solid TEM systems from best-in-class technology. These include:

  • Data gathering and reporting: TEM solutions are meant to empower business leaders and IT stakeholders by collecting essential telecom spending insights and delivering them at the moment of decision. Best-in-class TEM tools do this through circuit cataloging, inventory management, thorough auditing, contract monitoring and reporting components that deliver actionable information.
  • Comprehensive telecom support: The organizations of today leverage numerous communications services, ranging from SD-WAN to wireless services and mobile devices to conferencing and local services. Best-in-class TEM solutions make it possible for businesses to monitor how these connected tools are used and make adjustments to reduce costs.
  • In-house expertise: Software cannot solve every problem. This is why best-in-class providers pair their TEM software with internal experts who can lend clients additional support during telecom expense management initiatives.

Getting best-in-class TEM technology with Teligistics

There are numerous TEM companies on the market that claim to offer best-in-class solutions, but few actually deliver on this promise. Teligistics is among these top-level TEM providers. Our telecom asset and expense management platform gives companies of all sizes the data collection and reporting tools they need cut down their telecom budgets. The TEAM™ solution also supports mobile devices and comes backed by industry experts with decades of experience in the enterprise telecom space.

Is your organization interested in learning more about our best-in-class TEAM™ solution and how it can help you save money? Connect with us today to schedule a demo and get more insight into how our technology generates real return on investment.