Sourcing Technology – How do I.T. and Procurement Collaborate? Who Has The Bigger Say?

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In a recent survey conducted with the help of Teligistics and ProcureCon, hundreds of I.T. and Procurement professionals were asked questions regarding the sourcing process for information technology services, specifically telecommunications. Below is a quick highlight of those results taken from a recent white paper.

IT and procurement survey

The results showed that most companies have I.T. weighing more in the decision making. 23% of companies surveyed have zero collaboration and I.T. making 100% of the decision making. This could correlate to the fact that 65% of procurement professional feel like they are understaffed to handle technology sourcing.

Procurement was more favorable to the migrations of technologies due to mostly financial reasons. However, with I.T. weighing more in the decision process the fear of business continuity and time/effort were reasons companies avoid some migrations.

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