Telecom Sourcing

Full RFP Management

No one likes going out to RFP. They are time consuming, complicated and resourcing draining. Teligistics simplifies the RFP process by managing the complete process through our unique telecom-specific and cloud-based portal, Telibid®. Telibid® is managed by a team of telecom sourcing professionals that handle each step of the RFP process. From grading carrier responses to instant side-by-side financial anaylsis, Telibid® will leverage the best deal possible from your telecom providers. Customizable templates and Rapid Deploy capabilities allow enterprises to conduct an RFP in half the time. All of our customers have seen significant savings when deploying a strategic RFP initiative through Telibid®.

Teligistics professional telecom sourcing services have saved our customers an average of 40% in spend.

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How Does Teligistics Compare? TeligisticsIn-HouseTEMAgent
How Does Teligistics Compare?
Benchmark data to compare the rates of all services
Benchmark data to compare the terms of all services
Internal expertise for successful negotiations
Expertise for mid-term negotiations
Maximize savings and leverage without an RFP
International negotiation expertise

Teligistics vs In-House

Your organization may not be equipped to leverage the best deal out of your telecom contracts. Many organizations lack internal expertise, resources and benchmarking data to successfully negotiate a “World Class” agreement. Through just the sheer number of negotiations we have conducted every month for the last 24 years, we have gathered the proven data and wherewithal to provide significant cost reductions.

Teligistics vs TEM

While Teligistics does provide telecom expense management services, our core competency has always been contract negotiating. We were founded on providing our customers with the best terms, conditions and pricing in their telecom agreements. Successful negotiations have led Teligistics into the TEM industry. Most TEM’s are not equipped for contract negotiations. Their focus is bill processing and minimal auditing with little to no contract management. Even for our TEM customers, we are constantly reviewing and assessing the agreements.

Teligistics vs Agent

Agents do not always align with the best interest of your organization because they are compensated from the telecom carriers. This can cause a conflict of interest between your organization and the agent. In addition, while agents do serve as good point of contact for your operations, they lack the expertise to provide successful negotiations.


  • Step 1: Send us your current agreements for any or all telecom related services.
  • Step 2: In 5 business days or less we will turn it around with a complete assessment.
  • Step 3: This assessment will provide a section-by-section review of your agreement. We will grade each section against the current market and our internal benchmark data. Teligistics will project savings based off the assessment and provide customer with the option of Contract Re-Negotiation or Full RFP Management through Telibid®.
  • Step 4: Customer chooses the option that best fits their strategy. They will receive the expertise and guidance from highly professional sourcing managers and skilled negotiators.


  • Voice Services
  • Long Distance
  • Toll Free 
  • SIP Trunking
  • WAN (MPLS, Dedicated Internet, Broadband/DSL, PTP Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Conferencing
  • Cloud Services
  • Wireless
  • Subscription Services
  • UCaaS

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