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Experts in Telecom Market Intelligence
Delivering the Best Pricing and Technology Advise
$18 Billion in Competitive Benchmarking Analysis

Teligistics has been the industry leader in telecom market intelligence for nearly 30 years.

With over $18 Billion in telecom rates reviewed, we have helped our Clients achieve World-Class pricing in their new telecom agreements. We have conducted thousands of competitive benchmarking analysis on behalf of our Clients resulting in significant telecom sourcing savings.

Why Teligistics?

Your business has multifaceted and costly enterprise telecom agreements. These agreements typically favor the carrier, are overly complex, and rife with hidden costs. We have the expertise and benchmarking data to fix that. This is why so many enterprises, from Mid-Market to Fortune 500, choose Teligistics as their partner for high level telecom sourcing consulting.

Our Services

From Mid-Market to Fortune 500 across all industries

“Teligistics provided our firm with exceptional telecom services and significantly reduced our telecom spend. Their passion to help their client achieve best rate and terms are unparalleled in the industry.”

- Director of Strategic Sourcing, Fortune 500 Financial Institution

Telecom Market Intelligence Services

Wireline & Data Services

Teligistics has extensive experience with helping customers receive better pricing on their expired telecom agreements. Our sourcing team will help eliminate the pressure of quickly expiring agreements and work to get your organization optimal pricing.

Wireless Sourcing

Teligistics is aware of rate plans that are not published by the carriers. We can help your organization get the best wireless pricing no matter the device count.

Technology Advisory/Consulting

Teligistics can assist with contract  benchmarking services and technology advisement to align with your organizations initiatives.

International Pricing

Through nearly 30 years of sourcing, Teligistics has been on the forefront of pricing exercises in APAC, EMEA and LATA. We have the expertise and data to benchmark international agreements.


Teligistics unique and broad-ranging expertise gives you an edge in telecom sourcing.

  • Local Dial Tone
  • Long Distance
  • Toll Free
  • SIP Trunking
  • WAN (MPLS, Dedicated Internet, Broadband/DSL, PTP Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Conferencing
  • Cloud Services
  • Wireless

Contact us to discuss how our Telecom Market Intelligence can help your organization can significantly cut costs on telecom expenses.