Our Story:

In 1997, telecom veterans and Texas natives David Roberts and Randy Councill met to discuss common problems facing organizations within their industry. Both recognized that larger telecom carriers had the upper hand during the sourcing process. Roberts and Councill also realized that many telecom companies incorrectly invoiced their customers for services and, in many cases, intentionally overbilled them. Roberts, who came from the world of large telecom providers, decided to form Teligistics with Councill to fight for customers that he knew had been exploited.

Teligistics first set out to protect its customers by guiding them through the formal request for proposal process, pricing available services and negotiating world-class contract terms and conditions – strategy that later served at the basis for company’s Telibid™ solution. However, customers still experienced costly invoicing issues, even after negotiating favorable service agreements.

With this in mind, Teligistics set out to develop an automated software solution that will empower enterprises over telecom companies and streamline the billing process. Roberts and Councill built a rate comparison module that allowed organizations to easily compare their billed and contracted rates. The two later integrated this innovative technology into a sophisticated auditing and expense management system called TEAM™.

Teligistics has since obtained multiple patents for its groundbreaking telecom software. And, clients now see astronomical savings, with some experiencing operation cost reductions as high as 40-50%.

Even with its early success, the company continues to push forward, pushing technological boundaries and advocating for its clients through innovative, cost-saving solutions.

Our Philosophy:

Here at Teligistics, we treat our clients money as if it’s our own. Our whole culture is developed on this principle. Teligistics subscribes to a full-cycle expense management methodology. Our suite of solutions enable clients to track telecom expenses associated with each step in the operational process, from daily auditing to invoice processing using one, centralized system.

Our People:


David Roberts, Co-Founder and CEO

David Roberts is the co-founder and CEO of Teligistics. He is an expert on telecom contract negotiation and sourcing.
Mr. Roberts is the Founder and CEO of Teligistics (founded 1997), the leading telecom strategic sourcing and telecom expense management firm in the U.S.

Mr. Roberts received a U.S. Patent for developing the methodologies used in Teligistics’ proprietary applications for strategic sourcing rate analysis. This methodology provides the data to determine the TCO “total cost of ownership” of telecom vendor contracts. A second U.S. Patent by Roberts is pending for Telibid™, the leading e-Procurement tool used by large Enterprises for launch and manage large, complex telecom-related RFP’s.

Mr. Roberts has been directly involved in the procurement and direct contract negotiations on behalf of clients exceeding $9+ Billion in telecom contract value during his career.

Mr. Roberts has been featured in many news and trade journals for his expertise on telecom contracts and billing issues, as well as serving as an expert witness in several high-profile telecom contract and billing related lawsuits on behalf of end-users. Mr. Roberts has approximately a dozen published White Papers on various topics in the telecom industry.


Randy Councill, Co-Founder and COO

Randy Councill is the COO and Co-Founder of Teligistics. He and his business partner David Roberts founded and started Teligistics in 1997. Together they have become the leaders in telecom sourcing and telecom expense management.

Mr. Councill has over thirty years of business experience with almost twenty of those years focused on Teligistics and their cost control solutions. He has helped hundreds of Teligistics clients reduce their telecom cost using Teligistics proprietary technology. Mr. Councill assists with day to day operations of the company and the sales team with new client acquisitions. His knowledge of telecom services wire line and wireless make him a great asset to any clients team.

Mr. Councill is seen as an expert by his peers and has maintained strategic customer relationships within the Teligistics client base. His experience includes twenty years of reviewing client and provider network service offerings, service install intervals, and WAN migrations including a world record WAN migration of over 222 sites in 35 days.

Mr. Councill is seen has an expert in the deployment of new technologies, of data networks including voice IP services and wireless optimization solutions.

Contact Information:

Teligistics is based in Conroe, Texas. Contact us via email or call 800-530-1063.
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