Fortune ® 500 Energy Company
– Wireless Expense Management & Optimization

The Client

A Fortune® 500 company with 1800+ devices issued with a spend of $187K per month. The client was averaging $101 per month usage cost per device.

The Challenges

  1. Considering “Bring Your Own Device”(BYOD) because of high cost of equipment.
  2. Employee devices and numbers became increasingly difficult to manage.
  3. International roaming cost rose with no tracking of employee traveling.
  4. Procurement of devices became difficult to manage.
  5. Client did not keep track of inventory.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Reduce overall wireless costs through monthly optimizations.
  2. Develop a hybrid BYOD model to control costs.
  3. Track wireless number and device model to employees.
  4. Improve international roaming costs.
  5. Increase operational efficiency through a streamlined order and approval process.

The Result

  1. Monthly optimizations resulted in saving of $187K to $106K. Reduced the average per device cost from $101 to $80.
  2. Designed and implemented a hybrid BYOD model. Saved $141k over two years.
  3. EMM+® provides Employee ID number tracking with each wireless device.
  4. EMM+® international tickets automatically create two tickets for approval whenthe user enters their travel dates. The first ticket is to add the plan and the second ticket isa future dated ticket to remove the plan upon completion of their travel.
  5. Improved help desk efficiency. Entering an EMM+® ticket takes less than two minutes, which previously would have taken a week on average.