About Teligistics

Our Philosophy

Here at Teligistics, we treat our clients money as if it’s our own. Our whole culture is developed on this principle. Teligistics subscribes to a full-cycle expense management methodology. Our suite of solutions starts with the procurement process, then enables our clients to track telecom expenses associated with each step in the operational process, from daily auditing to invoice processing using one, centralized system.

Our Story

In 1997, telecom veterans and Texas natives David Roberts and Randy Councill met to discuss common problems facing organizations within their industry. Both recognized that larger telecom carriers had the upper hand during the sourcing process. Roberts and Councill also realized that many telecom companies incorrectly invoiced their customers for services and, in many cases, intentionally overbilled them. Roberts, who came from the world of large telecom providers, decided to form Teligistics with Councill to fight for customers that he knew had been exploited.

Teligistics first set out to protect its customers by guiding them through the formal request for proposal process, pricing available services and negotiating world-class contract terms and conditions – strategy that later served at the basis for company’s Telibid™ solution. However, customers still experienced costly invoicing issues, even after negotiating favorable service agreements.

With this in mind, Teligistics set out to develop an automated software solution that will empower enterprises over telecom companies and streamline the billing process. Roberts and Councill built a rate comparison module that allowed organizations to easily compare their billed and contracted rates. The two later integrated this innovative technology into a sophisticated auditing and expense management system called TEAM™.

Teligistics has since obtained multiple patents for its groundbreaking telecom software. And, clients now see astronomical savings, with some experiencing operation cost reductions as high as 40-50%.

Even with its early success, the company continues to push forward, pushing technological boundaries and advocating for its clients through innovative, cost-saving solutions.

Teligistics was awarded a U.S. Patent for the methodology used to decipher and then analyze telecom service provider rate plans and offerings. This methodology is used in all telecom RFP’s conducted by Teligistics and is the basis for the auditing of invoices in the Telecom Expense & Asset Management ™ Platform. Without this methodology that is solely owned by Teligistics, it is impossible to analyze rate plan offerings on a true net-net basis.

Our Technology

Telecom Decision Matrix™

Due to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, many publicly-traded Enterprises need a logical and auditable process for evaluating RFP responses, evaluating telecom service providers and analyzing cost structures before awarding multi-million contracts.

Teligistics’ Telecom Decision Matrix ™ provides a customized solution for weighting criteria for the Enterprise and scoring telecom service provider responses to an RFP or bid proposal. This process provides documentary evidence regarding the methodology and processes used to award services and is used by both Public and private companies.

Rapid Deployment Telecom RFP™

Many times Teligistics is engaged late in a contract term or after a telecom contract has expired. During this critical juncture it is imperative for the Enterprise customer to rapidly formulate, extend and evaluate RFP responses. Since most Enterprises cannot start a telecom RFP (especially for complex global voice & data networks) due to the data mining necessary, Teligistics has developed a rapid deployment RFP strategy that can get your RFP launched in weeks versus months.

Telecom Expense & Asset Management™

Teligistics TEAM ™ online portal for the management of telecom invoices and inventory is the leading professionally managed application to get complete control and visibility into your overall telecom spend.

Teligistics application is a 100% managed solution providing invoice processing, G/L allocation, asset tracking, circuit inventories and full reporting of your telecom spend for local, long distance, wireless, data, WAN/LAN, audio conferencing and Internet access. The TEAM ™ SSL encrypted application is fully redundant, available via web 24 hrs x 365 days per year and is the total solution for the management of your telecom budget.

Our Leadership

Tanner Roberts

Business Development Executive

Aly McClure

EMM+™ Director


As the leader in Telecom Expense Management, Teligistics is continually in search of capable analysts, consultants and telecom billing experts to join our team.