Our Solutions

Teligistics offers solutions that deliver world-class agreements and terms, guarantee ROI, provide complete telecom visibility, and maximize mobile device cost control.

Fortune® 200 Service Company

Expense Management

A Fortune® 200 service company with over 2,000 locations nationwide and a monthly telecom spend of $1.6 million. This company had no telecom visibility, inaccurate inventory information and faced a $1 million contractual shortfall penalty from AT&T.

Fortune® 100 Retail Company

Competitive Benchmarking Analysis

A Fortune® 100 retailer with over 8,600 stores globally and an annual telecom spend of $154M. This company had less than twelve months before major contracts expired and lacked benchmarking abilities and telecom contract expertise.

Fortune® 500 Energy Company

Wirelesss Expense Management & Optimization

A Fortune® 500 company with 1800+ devices issued with a spend of $187K per month. The client was averaging $101 per month usage cost per device.

Fortune® 500 Financial Services Company

Competitive Benchmarking Analysis

One of the largest providers of financial services technology and global solutions with over 52,000 employees and operations globally. 

Our solutions come backed by decades of on-the-ground experience in the telecom industry.