Strategically Manage all Expenses: Discover the Power of TEAM®

The Ultimate Fully Managed Telecom Expense Management Solution

Drive Innovation and Maintain a Competitive Edge in a Digital World

In today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected business environment, effective Telecom Expense and Audit Management (TEAM) has become an indispensable tool for organizations looking to optimize their telecommunications infrastructure and reduce costs. Take control of your corporate expenses, streamline your cost visibility, and enhance operational efficiency. 

Our TEAM® applications help your business carefully track and analyze expenses while also helping to identify any billing discrepancies that will achieve significant cost savings for your organization. TEAM®’s comprehensive total cost management approach to inventory management and procurement ensures that organizations stay agile and responsive to the ever-evolving major expenses of their business such as utilities, telecom, office equipment, etc.

Effortless Total Cost Management: No Licenses, No Complex Software To Manage. Just Results

Introducing TEAM®: Your All-In-One Telecom Expense and Audit Management Powerhouse

Seamlessly manage your telecom and utility expense inventory, costs, contracts, and assets while auditing and processing monthly invoices with our professionally managed application.

Experience unparalleled visibility into your entire telecom spend, from long-distance and local services to internet access, subscription IT services, audio conferencing, and cloud-based services. Access it all through a user-friendly web-based portal. Use our MACD (moves, adds, changes, and disconnects) help desk to make sure inventory stays accurate. TEAM® delivers tailored, categorized spend reports, with the power to dive deep into individual invoice details. Say hello to Total Expense Management made simple!

Not only do we manage telecom spending but we also manage all expenses for many of our customers. This gives them comprehensible and invaluable information about all costs of all locations in one central portal. 

What Can Telecom Expense and Audit Management Do For My Business?

Inventory management:

Maintain an accurate, up-to-date inventory of all telecom and total expenses to identify unused resources, prevent overpayment, and ensure accountability.

Expense management:

Track, validate, and process telecom expenses, including identifying billing errors, disputing charges, and ensuring timely payments.

Contract management:

Source, monitor, and manage telecom contracts to ensure alignment with organizational needs, compliance, and opportunities for costs reductions.

Usage monitoring and optimization:

Analyze and monitor telecom and utility usage patterns to identify cost-saving opportunities and improve overall efficiency. Help your business monitor compliance in areas such as ESG to help identify areas of reduction in energy and environmental impact.

Procurement and provisioning:

Oversee procurement and provisioning of telecom services, hardware, and software by selecting vendors, sourcing services, and ensuring best-in-market pricing.



A Fortune® 200 service company with over 2,000 locations nationwide and a monthly telecom spend of $1.6 million. This company faced a $1 million contractual shortfall penalty from AT&T however; this was resolved by our subject matter experts.

Improve ESG with the Right Data

Utilize the power of our expense management solutions to track the E in ESG. Our innovative approach to TEAM ensures your organization is aligned with the environmental component to ESG by giving insight into usage, consumption and other data -driven analytics. With our data we enable your organization to make informed decisions that help you strategize effectively to improve your ESG score. Partner with Teligistics today for an integrated TEAM solution that delivers both sustainable and cost-effective results.

The Teligistics Difference

Complete Telecom Visibility

Teligistics loads and maintains a complete inventory of your circuits and contracts for baselining purposes used when auditing the invoice, BEFORE you pay it! Invoices are allocated according to your allocation formulas for payment processing. Teligistics produces variance reports for tracking invoice errors and facilitates all credits and refunds on behalf of the client.

Telecom Auditing

Teligistics will audit your bills to both contracted rates AND an active inventory that we maintain. In telecom, an audit is only as good as an accurate inventory. Teligistics helps maintain active inventory by tying individual services, carriers, and features to all locations.

Since this is a web-based user-friendly portal that is completely managed by Teligistics, there are no licenses to purchase and no complicated software to learn and implement.