How Telecom Bill Auditing Promotes Cost Savings

telecom bill auditing

Did you know that a staggering 90% of phone bills contain errors and mistakes? With numbers like that, it’s no wonder businesses are increasingly turning to external telecom auditors to help them reduce their billing costs. In 2023, no business can afford to leave extra money on the table — especially in something entirely preventable, like a phone billing error. Among this reason and others, working with a third party to audit your company’s telecom system is a decision that should definitely be under consideration as businesses look to begin budgeting for the 2024 fiscal year. So, with that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some benefits your organization can reap should you choose to work with a provider to audit your telecom. 

Understanding Telecom Bill Auditing

Telecom bill auditing is a meticulous process of examining telecom invoices. It aims to pinpoint billing inaccuracies, incorrect tax applications, and tariff misapplications. By rectifying these discrepancies, businesses can realize significant cost savings.

Why Every Business Should Consider Telecom Bill Auditing

There are several reasons why a business should consider telecom bill auditing, in addition to avoiding billing errors on behalf of the service provider, including:

  • Complexity of Telecom Bills: With the myriad of services, tariffs, and promotional offers, telecom bills can be intricate. Even a minor oversight can lead to substantial overcharges. An audit ensures that businesses pay only for what they use and at the correct rates.
  • Unutilized Discounts and Promotions: Telecom providers frequently roll out promotions or discounts which businesses might overlook. An audit can spotlight these opportunities, ensuring businesses capitalize on every saving avenue.
  • Misapplication of Tariffs: Incorrect tariff applications can inflate costs. An audit ensures that businesses are charged correctly according to their service usage.


How Teligistics Elevates Your Telecom Bill Auditing

As a frontrunner in telecom bill auditing, Teligistics brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Our seasoned professionals delve deep into your telecom expenses to ensure accuracy, optimal rates, and the realization of all potential savings.

Our thorough auditing process encompasses:

  • Historical Invoice Review: We scrutinize your telecom invoices from the past 12-24 months, ensuring past discrepancies are identified and rectified.
  • Contract vs. Usage Analysis: By juxtaposing your telecom usage against your contracts, we ensure you’re billed solely for utilized services.
  • Invoice Accuracy Check: We meticulously check for billing errors, tax inaccuracies, and tariff misapplications.
  • Savings Identification: We spotlight areas for potential savings, be it through promotions, discounts, or service plan modifications.
  • Detailed Reporting: Our findings culminate in a comprehensive report, detailing discrepancies and actionable recommendations.

Beyond auditing, Teligistics offers a suite of telecom expense management services:


Finding the Right Telecom Bill Auditing Partner

To harness the power of strategic telecom bill auditing and unlock potential savings, explore what Teligistics offers. Let us be your partner in optimizing your telecom expenses. Contact us to get started today.

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