Two Time ROI Champion – Hallie Barbosa

img_3638For 2 consecutive months now, Teligistics Hallie Barbosa has won our ROI Champion award! Teligistics ROI Champions are awarded every month to those that go above and beyond for our customers and deliver exceptional cost savings. We are fortunate to have such great employees that buy into the Teligistics culture and help bring results-driven value add to our customers. Congrats again!

What is Teligistics ROI Guarantee?

All of our customers have the benefit of an ROI Guarantee in our contracts. Our guarantee states that we will save customers at least 100% of the fees that are paid to us measured on an annual basis. Most of our customers are exceeding well above 100%. We average 397% meaning customers are saving nearly four times what they are paying Teligistics! This is made possible by our exceptional employees who are industry experts when it comes to telecom expense manager.

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