Unplugged and In Charge: Companies Preparing for the Next Generation of Data Users

preparing for the millennial generation of data users
Providers need to be ready as a new generation of smartphone and internet device users demand more data.

  • The demographics of this emerging data-on-demand generation
  • Trends in overall use of mobile and data
  • How companies are positioning themselves now to succeed in the future

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Proving procurment is Strategic in IT Sourcing

IT equipment and software is increasingly costly, let procurement help alleviate those spending pains.

  • Bring quantified savings and value creation
  • Help tackle a changing vendor landscape
  • Create better internal communication and collaboration

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The Telecom Management Ecosystem: A Progress Report on Vendor Value

Know that you’re getting the most value from your vendor, and not just your telecom service.

  • Commonly identified traits of top-performing, and underperforming, vendors
  • Breaking down the complicated ecosystem and understanding the impacts to your business
  • Evaluating a vendor on a point-by-point basis

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