The Teligistics Difference

Teligistics Auditing Process In telecom expense management, the difference between providers is most evident in the auditing process. An accurate audit of your telecom bills is only as good as the management of your telecom environment. The level to which a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) provider audits is a direct reflection of how extensive the […]

The Power of Visibility

Visibility into your companies’ expenses is key to make more informed and strategic decisions. Managing telecom expenses is not an area you can afford to apply the saying “ignorance is bliss”. Just because you cannot see the problem, doesn’t mean your organizations isn’t suffering mightily from it. Here at Teligistics, one of the biggest complaints […]

How DaaS Solves the Problems of the Tech Life Cycle for Companies

The “as a Service” movement is sweeping worldwide, and Devices-as-a-Service (DaaS) is part of that wave. With all of the “as-a-Services” available and the variety of acronyms, it can be difficult for corporate leadership to understand what is offered and if it isn’t just a branding gimmick.  We want to clear up the confusion around […]