Two Time ROI Champion – Hallie Barbosa

For 2 consecutive months now, Teligistics Hallie Barbosa has won our ROI Champion award! Teligistics ROI Champions are awarded every month to those that go above and beyond for our customers and deliver exceptional cost savings. We are fortunate to have such great employees that buy into the Teligistics culture and help bring results-driven value add to our […]

What is the right mobile strategy for me?

Businesses across all industries have embraced mobile operational workflows and together devote almost $2 trillion annually to maintaining these mission-critical processes, according to research from the International Data Corporation. There is good reason for this massive spend. Enterprise mobile technology boosts worker productivity, improves the customer experience and streamlines numerous internal functionalities, from information technology […]

RFP 101: What’s Included, How to Submit and More

RFP 101: What’s Included, How to Submit and More The request for proposal process ranks among the most hated operational functions. Why? Developing these service solicitations and assessing the responses requires considerable time and resources, for one. Additionally, success is not guaranteed, as numerous non-actionable replies could come through the door, slowing down the entire […]

3 factors driving TEM industry growth

IT-telecom convergence is among the factors making TEM solutions essential.

Managing telecom expenses has always been complex, giving organizations plenty of opportunities to reduce costs if they are able to gain more visibility into their spending and contractual opportunities.

5G – What is it and What Does it Mean for Your Business

A competitive economy allows consumers to demand bigger, faster, stronger everyday services and companies are more than happy to accommodate. It has brought in countless advances in technology over the years. For example, 1G technology brought us the mobile device. The 2G network brought us the ability to text and receive/send data across devices. Then 3G […]