The Role of Telecom in ESG

telecom in esg, total expense management

Amidst a climate where companies are looking beyond monetary value as a way to distinguish themselves from the rest, the focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is gaining traction. Companies are no longer being evaluated solely on their profitability, but also on their commitment to making a positive impact on society and the environment. […]

Benchmarking with the Right Market Intelligence

Businesses are faced with multifaceted telecom contracts that create a plethora of diverse rates and terms to sort through. Telecom professionals are tasked with considering service types, optimal rates, and the right service provider.  This type of due diligence requires accurate and up-to-date information that reflects their requirements. A lot of organizations lean on carriers […]

RFP 101: What’s Included, How to Submit and More

RFP 101: What’s Included, How to Submit and More The request for proposal process ranks among the most hated operational functions. Why? Developing these service solicitations and assessing the responses requires considerable time and resources, for one. Additionally, success is not guaranteed, as numerous non-actionable replies could come through the door, slowing down the entire […]